Perşembe, 04 Kasım 2021 06:11

Red List of Insect Taxonomists in Turkey

Dear Turkish Entomologists,

More than 1,500 entomologists have already self-declared as taxonomists (Professional or  Citizen scientists) on the Red List of Taxonomists, a European Commission initiative aiming to assess the extent of taxonomic expertise on insects across Europe.

Shortly before the registration deadline on 31st of October 2021, it appeared that our country is one of the most under-represented in the survey! Let’s make an effort and invite those who did not register to that as soon as possible at:

Please share this message through your colleagues, societies and social media to achieve maximum participation from all who care about the future of taxonomy! The survey would take less than 10 minutes!

By making your important expertise visible to the European Commission, you are not only helping us identify taxa and countries where the “extinction” of insect taxonomists has reached a critical point, but also create a robust knowledge base on taxonomic expertise across the European region to prompt further support and funding for taxonomy in the Old Continent.