Çarşamba, 01 Şubat 2023 08:51

8th Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group

Değerli üyelerimiz;

5-8 Eylül 2023 tarihleri arasında Belgrad-Sırbistan'da yapılacak olan 8th Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group, “Integrated Control of Plant-Feeding Mites” (https://iobc-wprs.org/meeting/iobc-wprs-wg-integrated-control-of-plant-feeding-mites/) ile ilgili duyuru bilgilerinize sunulmuştur.

Dear colleagues,

on behalf of the IOBC-WPRS, we are pleased to announce the 8th meeting of the Working Group “Integrated Control of Plant-Feeding Mites”, which will be held in Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia, after two years of delay. We invite fellow scientists and professionals from public and private sectors, as well as graduate and postgraduate students dealing with integrated control of mite pests in greenhouse and open field crops.

The Working Group areas of interest include:

  • new developments in biological and chemical mite control
  • integrated management of mite pests
  • biology, ecology, and behavior of predatory mites and their prey above and below ground
  • the effects of climate change on mite pest management

A second circular will be published by February 2023, providing with further information on the venue, organizing and scientific committees, student competition, registration fees, accommodation, instructions for submitting abstracts and final papers, poster formats, and the preliminary scientific program.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Belgrade.

Dejan Marčić                                                                                       George Broufas

Institute of Pesticides and Environmental Protection               Democritus University of Thrace

dejan.marcic@pesting.org.rs                                                            gbroufas@agro.duth.gr

Local organizer                                                                                             Convener